7 Destinations You Can quickly see from OSAKA

7 Destinations You Can quickly see from OSAKA

Osaka has something to offer to practically any type of type of traveler. For tourists seeking family-friendly fun, there’s universal Studios Japan, which is one of the most went to style parks in the world. history buffs will discover a see to its cultural landmarks like the huge Osaka Castle an enlightening experience. Foodies can dig into its rich as well as insanely tasty cuisine. exactly how about the inner shopaholic in all of us? Well, the Dotonbori-Shinsaibashi area can definitely take care of that.

Osaka is likewise a excellent base if you want to check out other parts of Kansai Region. From here, you can quickly travel to other cities within the region including Kyoto, Kobe, as well as Nara. If you want to go farther, you’ll discover lots of transportation choices that can take you to other regions in Japan.

After you’ve exhausted whatever Osaka can offer, right here are our preferred destinations that can be quickly accessed from Osaka!

7. Mie

Mie Prefecture occupies the eastern coastline of the Kansai region as well as shares western borders with Shiga, Nara, as well as Wakayama. Mie enjoys a flourishing domestic tourism, however in numerous other countries, it is commonly unheard of.

Some of the attractions you can delight in in Mie are Nabana no Sato, the most spectacular flower park as well as winter season illuminations site you’ll see; Iga Ninja City, the birthplace of the ninja tradition; Ise Grand Shrine, the most sacred site in the Shinto religion; as well as Kamado Hachiman, a dive hut that has been transformed into a restaurant that showcases the culture as well as cuisine of the Ama divers.

More information: things TO perform in MIE PREFECTURE.

6. Wakayama

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Wakayama Prefecture is found south of Osaka in the Kansai Region. Its funding is Wakayama City. The prefecture is hailed as the Spiritual Heart of Japan with its pilgrimage routes for both Shinto as well as Buddhist temples as well as shrines. install Koya (Koyasan) is the heart of Shingon Buddhism. one of the only two pilgrimage routes in the world noted in the UNESCO world Heritage site is the Kumano Kodo, which is an comprehensive network of pilgrimage routes stretching across the mountains. The prefecture is likewise understood for its plum red wine factory, conventional soy sauce production, onsen, as well as beaches.

Other attractions include Wakayama Castle, Shirahama, fruit picking, factory tours, as well as tuna filleting tour, among others.


How to get There:

Med tog:

From Osaka Station, take the JR Yamatoji fast service for Kamo to Tennoji Station. From Tennoji, transfer train bound for Wakayama through JR Hanwa Line fast Service. Alight at Wakayama Station. travel duration is around 80 minutes. The fare is ¥1240.

5. Nara

Nara is one of Kansai Region’s prominent traveler stops together with Osaka as well as Kyoto. It is the funding of Nara Prefecture. aside from being less than an hour away from Osaka, Nara’s appeal comes from its bountiful historical as well as cultural sites. Being the ancient funding of Japan much more than a thousand years ago, the city is dotted with various UNESCO-recognized historical as well as cultural sites as well as Japan’s national Treasures. many of these attractions are ancient shrines as well as temples with a strong Buddhist influence.

Nara Park is the typical go-to location for those who want to experience not only the temples as well as shrines however likewise the well-known Nara deer! among other preferred attractions in Nara are Naramachi, Todai-ji Temple, Heijo Palace, Isuien Garden, as well as Sarusawa Pond.

How to get There:

Med tog:

Option 1: From Namba Station, take the Kintetsu Nara Line going to Kintetsu Nara Station. travel duration is around 40 minutes. The fare is ¥560.

Option 2: From JR Osaka Station, take the JR Yamatoji fast service for Nara. travel duration is around 50 minutes. The fare is ¥800.

You can likewise take the Nara Day trip from Osaka provided by Klook. The trip covers English-speaking guide, admission fees, transportation, as well as hotel pick up (drop off at Osaka Namba Station). The schedule includes Nara Park, Todai-ji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine, as well as souvenir shop stop.


4. Kobe

Kobe is one of those cities in Japan busy with life as well as diversity. It is the funding of Hyogo Prefecture. This port city, nestled between the sea as well as mountains, was one of the very first to open their ports to Western traders, welcoming not only an active exchange of products however likewise of culture. The company hub as well as many of Kobe’s attractions are found near Sannomiya Station. The present specify of the city is the result of the dynamic exchange between the east as well as the West.

The city made its mark internationally with its signature premium grade beef product. Kobe beef is king here! For those who like food, Kobe is likewise well-known for its Chinatown, likewise called Nankinmanchi, which is a short walk from Sannomiya Station. other attractions in Kobe include Earthquake Museum, install Rokko, Sorakuen Garden, Kitano foreign Houses, Kobe Harborland, as well as Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.

How to get There:

Med tog:

Option 1: From either Hankyu-Umeda station or Hanshin-Umeda Station, take the Hanshin or Hankyu Line. travel duration is around 30 minutes. The fare is around ¥310, depending upon your destination. the most practical choice is to purchase a Hanshin traveler Pass for only ¥700, which will already provide you unrestricted gain access to to Hanshin Line, which links numerous traveler attractions in Kobe. get A HANSHIN traveler PASS HERE!

Option 2: From JR Osaka Station, take the JR Kobe Line fast service or JR special fast service going to JR Sannomiya Station. travel duration is around 25 minutes. The fare is ¥390.

More info: KOBE DAY trip schedule FROM OSAKA

3. Himeji

Himeji is one more city which can be quickly accessed from Osaka. The city utilized to be the funding of then Himeji Prefecture up until its merger with Hyogo Prefecture. In the past, the city was a prosperous castle town, which provided Japan one of its national treasures as well as UNESCO world Heritage site – the Himeji Castle. This four-century old castle, which withstood the test of time, is the most prominent landmark of the city.

Other attractions in Himeji include install Shosha, Kokoen Garden, Engyo-ji Temple, Yukata Matsuri celebration (in June), as well as Asago Art Village.

How to get There:

Med tog:

Option 1: From JR Osaka Station, take the JR special fast service for Himeji. travel duration is much more or less 60 minutes. The fare is ¥1490.

Option 2: For holders of the multiple-day pass for Kansai’s personal railway system, take either the Hanshin railway or the Sanyo railway going to Himeji. travel duration is around 90 minutes. The fare is ¥1250.

Med buss:

From Kansai worldwide flight terminal terminal 1 or 2, take the hourly bus service bound for Himeji Station. travel duration is much more or less 2 hours as well as 30 minutes. The fare is ¥3300.

2. Kyoto

Kyoto is one of Japan’s tourism sacred trinity together with Tokyo as well as Osaka (well, Nagoya too, because Osaka as well as Kyoto are frequently thought about one destination). It is brimming with history as well as serves as the cultural landmark of the country, preserving and, at the exact same time, spreading Japan’s heritage as well as identity. when the seat of imperial power for much more than a thousand years, Kyoto is dotted with numerous essential ancient temples, shrines, palaces, as well as other historical structures; hence, it gained the UNESCO world Heritage site historic Monuments of ancient Kyoto recognition.

Some of the numerous attractions in Kyoto aside from the 17 UNESCO-recognized locations, are the Imperial Palace, Katsura Imperial Villa, Shugakuin Imperial Villa, Nijo Castle, Nishiki Market, Higashiyama, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Arashiyama, as well as the a number of museums as well as festivals.

How to get There:

Med tog:

Option 1: From Hankyu Umeda Station, take the Hankyu Kyoto primary Line. travel duration is much more or less 30 minutes. The fare is around ¥400. You can purchase a Hankyu traveler Pass for only ¥700 to get unrestricted gain access to to Hankyu Line. get YOUR HANKYU traveler PASS HERE!

Option 2: From JR Osaka Station, take the JR special fast service as well as alight at Kyoto Station. travel duration is much more or less 30 minutes. The fare is ¥560.

Option 3: coming from Kansai worldwide Airport, take the JR West Haruka Kansai flight terminal restricted reveal train going to Himeji. travel duration is around 70 minutes. The fare is ¥2850 (inclusive of ¥970 unreserved seat fee).

Note: Kyoto has a large transportation system, so these are just two of the numerous methods to reach the city from Osaka through train.

Med buss:

From Kansai worldwide flight terminal arrival lobby, purchase a limousine bus ticket bound for Kyoto. Limousine buses run twice per hour, stopping as well as choosing up guests at Bus stop #8. travel duration is much more or less 2 hours. The fare is ¥2500 for adults as well as ¥1250 for children.

You can likewise take the Kyoto Day trip from Osaka provided by Klook. The trip covers English-speaking guide, conventional Japanese meal, as well as trip bus transportation. The schedule includes Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kinkaku-ji, as well as Fushimi Inari Shrine.


1. Tottori

Of the cities noted here, Tottori is the farthest from Osaka, over 3 hours away. however it is worth every journey!

Tottori city is the funding of Tottori Prefecture in Chugoku Region, Western Honshu. Unlike other destinations, Tottori is not congested or touristy at all. however there’s a great deal to see in the city as well as the prefecture as a whole. While other productsPå denne oppføringen kan tilby historie så vel som kultur i enorme doser, har Tottori deler av hva som kan gjøre turen din til en avrundet.

Det er fineste forstått for sanddynene, en av de største i Japan. Naturentusiaster kan på samme måte giwk på strendene så vel som fjellformasjoner langs Uradome Coast. Foodies vil definitivt glede seg over sin rikelig ferske sjømatfangst, pærer fra 1900-tallet, Tottori-storfekjøtt, så vel som Gyukotsu Ramen, en distinkt så vel som uvanlig type ramen som bruker oksesuppe. Otaku vil ønske å gå seg vill på planetene til detektiv Conan, Gegege No Kitarō, så vel som Spirited Away, som alle var påvirket av stedet. Faktisk ikke langt fra byen er byen Hokuei, på samme måte forstått som Conan Town. Denne byen er fødestedet til faren til den fremtredende manga så vel som anime -serien, detektiv Conan, så fans av Conan vil glede seg over en rask se til denne sære byen.

Andre fascinerende attraksjoner er Tottori Castle -ruinene, Kawahara Castle, samt Watanabe Museum. Selv den historisk tilbedte Mt. Daisen så vel som Misasa Onsen er raskt lett tilgjengelig fra Tottori.

Hvordan komme dit:

Med buss:

Fra Kansai Worldwide flyplass, ta limousinbussen som er på vei til OCAT-Namba. Når du er på OCAT-Namba, kan du kjøpe en bussbillett som skal til Tottori busstasjon. Reisens varighet er mye mer eller mindre 4 timer. Prisen er ¥ 2050, som dekker Kansai-flytterminalen til OCAT-Namba Fare (¥ 1050) samt OCAT-Namba til Tottori Bus Station Fare (¥ 1000).

Med tog:

Fra Kansai Worldwide flyplass, ta JR Kansai Flight Terminal Fast Service Train til Osaka Station. Fra Osaka -stasjonen, ta det begrensede avsløringen veldig Hakuto -toget til Tottori. Reisens varighet er mye mer eller mindre 2 timer i tillegg til 30 minutter. Prisvariantene fra 3000 til 6000 ¥.

For mye mer info om å komme til Tottori fra Osaka/Kansai flyplass, inspiser nøyaktig hvordan du kommer til Tottori fra Osaka eller Kansai flyplass: den rimeligste måten

Hvordan komme til Osaka

Kansai Worldwide Flight Terminal (KIX) er hovedporten til Osaka så vel som resten av Kansai -regionen. En god del flyselskaper flyr fra Manila til Kansai flyplass. Hvis du bestiller metode på forhånd, får du de aller beste tilbudene fra Cebu Pacific Air. CEB flyr til Osaka fem ganger i uken. Deres laveste helårspris er på P6399, noe som allerede er et utmerket tilbud.

Du kan på samme måte vente på et setesalg! For en av turene våre klarte jeg å score en Cebu Pacific -billett fra deres P20 -salg. Basisprisen per etappe var bare P20, men inkludert alle skatter, betalte jeg bare PHP 5984 for tur / retur -billetten (PHP 2992 per måte). Det inkluderer en forhåndsbetalt bagasjegodtgjørelse på 20 kg. Ikke verst. Ikke dårlig i det hele tatt.

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